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Our Company

Our Ivy League-educated founders started College Admissions Services, Inc. in 2001. We are an Internet-based admissions predictions service headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with a satellite office in Boston, Massachusetts. We were the first company to calculate percentage chances of admission and are the only admissions prediction service to offer an accuracy guarantee.  We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business with an A+ rating. 

Our websites include,, and We use our proprietary ChancesR™ technology to predict applicants’ percentage chances of admission at more than 170 U.S. undergraduate colleges and the top 50 U.S. MBA programs. Our objective, statistics-based approach allows our clients to identify reach, likely and safety schools and make confident, informed decisions about where to apply.

Our History

Our collegiate research began more than twenty years ago when we established College Selection Services. The company provided high school students with a simple and quick way to obtain a list of colleges that fit their preferred attributes. Students filled-out and snail-mailed (remember this was the 80s) a form indicating the types of colleges they were interested in including attributes such as location, size, average SAT score, etc. We then scoured our database - containing every college in the United States and U.S. Territories — and mailed them a list of colleges that fit their criteria. Given today’s technology, this service may not sound groundbreaking, but the alternative for a comprehensive search at the time was to read through sizable books listing thousands and thousands of colleges.

As technology evolved and college admissions grew more competitive, we developed our first algorithms for predicting chances of admission at the Ivy League Colleges. After confirming the accuracy of our predictions, Go4Ivy was born and we changed our name to College Admissions Services, Inc. As demand for our service increased, we expanded our list of undergraduate colleges to include nearly 200 top colleges and established Go4BusinessSchool for MBA applicants.

Our Service

Go4Ivy uses advanced statistical analysis and admissions expertise to boil down the complexities of the college admissions process to one, easy-to-interpret probability: your percentage chance of getting in to a college.  Get your chances of admission report today by clicking on the button below or learn more about finding out your chances of admission at How It Works


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