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As one of eight Ivy League Colleges, Cornell University ranks among the most selective U.S. universities. If you’re curious about your chances of being accepted by Cornell, Go4Ivy can help by calculating your chances of admission. In 2001, Go4Ivy developed a separate algorithm for each Ivy League college and university (including Cornell), which predicts students’ chances of being accepted by each school. Over the last 15 years, Go4Ivy has continually updated and revised these algorithms, as schools have changed their admission criteria and their approaches to admissions. Over the last 15 years our predictions have been over 90% correct (100% correct the last two years). Go4Ivy refunds the fee for any school for which its prediction turns out to be incorrect. We are proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



I corresponded with you in June concerning my son’s chances of being admitted to Stanford or to another elite school. Your firm’s estimate for a positive decision from Stanford was 70%, while I thought it must be much less (in the 20%) range. Well, my son was admitted through Stanford’s early action program. Naturally, he is excited about the decision! So, it certainly looks like your estimate was spot on. By the way, he did use your estimates to decide where to apply early. Among the most elite schools, your estimate was highest for Stanford. So, to maximize his chance of being accepted by at least one of these schools, he used his early action choice on Stanford. Thank you for your assistance.

— Greg, Parent, Alaska

The History of Cornell University

Cornell University was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell, a self-made businessman involved in the formation of the Western Union Telegraph Company, and Andrew Dickson White, a respected scholar and politician. Cornell is the youngest member of the Ivy League and has the largest undergraduate program of the Ivy League colleges.

Cornell University is unique in that it is includes private and public colleges. Three of the seven Cornell undergraduate colleges (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Industrial and Labor Relations and College of Human Ecology) are land grant/state funded colleges. New York residents attending the public colleges of Cornell pay a reduced tuition (roughly $15,000 less per year). 

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