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About University of Virginia

In 1819, near the end of his long and distinguished life, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia "to shed light on the public mind." Knowing that democracy depends on a free and educated citizenry, Jefferson saw the University as a way of securing the future of the country he had helped create.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers an education in the liberal arts leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. The largest of the University of Virginia's 10 schools, it enrolls approximately 10,000 students who can choose from more than 50 degree programs. The faculty of the College believes a good liberal arts education demands not only rigor and depth, but also sufficient breadth to expose students to a wide range of subjects and methods of studying them.

The University of Virginia's athletics program competes in Division I-A and since 1953 as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their teams, the Virginia Cavaliers (also called "Wahoos" or "Hoos") have won 16 recognized NCAA National Championships, 13 of them since 1980. Virginia has won at least two national titles each in five different sports, including three men's sports (boxing, soccer, and lacrosse) and two women's sports (lacrosse and cross country).

Student life at the University of Virginia is marked by a number of unique traditions. The campus of the University is referred to as "the Grounds," and freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are instead called first-, second-, third-, and fourth-years. Professors are traditionally addressed as "Mr." or "Ms." as opposed to "Dr." (although medical doctors are the exception and are called "Doctor") or "Professor."

A number of secret societies at the University, most notably the Seven Society, Z Society, and IMP Society, have operated for decades, leaving their painted marks on University buildings. Other significant secret societies include Eli Banana, T.I.L.K.A., the Purple Shadows (who commemorate Jefferson's birthday shortly after dawn on the Lawn each April 13), and the Rotunda Burning Society (who commemorate the Great Rotunda Fire). Not all the secret societies keep their membership unknown, but even those who don't hide their identities generally keep most of their good works and activities far from the public eye.

The student life building on the University of Virginia is called Newcomb Hall. It is home to the Student Activities Center, where student groups can get leadership consulting and use computing and copying resources, as well as several meeting rooms for student groups. Most publications on grounds are produced here, as it is home to both the office of the independent student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, and the Consortium of University Publications. It is also home to the University Programs Council, which uses money from student activities fees to provide events for the student community. Newcomb Hall includes a dining hall, a theatre, a ballroom, an art gallery, and several rooms for magazine and newspaper production.

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