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What does Go4Ivy do?

Go4Ivy calculates applicants’ percentage chances of admission at more than 170 U.S. undergraduate colleges ( and and the top 50 U.S. MBA programs ( using our proprietary ChancesR™ technology. Our objective, statistics-based approach allows our clients to identify reach, likely and safety schools and make confident, informed decisions about where to apply.

How does your service work?

To get a chances of admission report, clients create a log-in, select the colleges they are interested in, and provide their background, academic, and extracurricular information. The client’s profile is then run through our comprehensive algorithms, which are unique for each college and take more than 100 variables into account. Within minutes, clients will have access to their personalized and highly accurate chances of admission report. For more information about the service, see How It Works.

What information do I need to provide to get a report?

Our comprehensive algorithms take your background, academic, and extracurricular information into account when calculating your chances of admission. To view or print a copy of the questionnaire, please see our Sample Questionnaire.

What does a chances of admission report include and how much does it cost?

A report includes your personalized chances of admission at the colleges you select and the average applicant’s chance of admission at each college. One revision of your test scores (PSAT, ACT, SAT and/or SAT Subject), GPA, and/or class rank is also included.

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The cost is based on the number of colleges that you select. Discounted packages are available. For more information, please see How It Works.

How long does it take to get my chances of admission report?

Your report will be available within seconds after submitting your order thanks to our fast and powerful technology. You will be able to print your report and access it anytime by logging into your account.

Can I revise my test scores or other data after receiving my report?

You may revise your test scores (PSAT, ACT, SAT and/or SAT Subject), GPA, and/or class rank once for free after receiving your report. Additional revisions require you to place another order, but returning clients do receive a promotional code that be used for future orders.

Does applying early decision/early action increase a student's chances of being accepted?

Based on our experience and analysis, your chances of being accepted are not significantly affected by applying early. While the statistics for many colleges show higher percentages of acceptance for early admission when compared to regular admission, this statistic must be put in perspective. The early admissions pool includes a significantly higher percentage of applicants whose chances of admission are higher than those of the average applicant; these students have outstanding credentials. In addition, most legacies and major donors apply for early admissions and are accepted. Likewise, recruited athletes who apply early are pre-selected by coaches and, therefore, more likely to be admitted. In short, when the differences between the early admission pool and the regular admissions pool are taken into account, a student's chances of admission are not significantly affected by applying early. An exception is in borderline cases in which applying early may make a difference because it shows the applicant's interest in the college.

Can transfer students use your service?

Yes. Transfer students should input their background and achievements from high school including all standardized test scores, since colleges rely heavily on a transfer student’s high school record. However, because admissions officers also consider transfer students’ college record, instead of entering a high school GPA, transfer students should enter their college or community college GPA. Please note that the money back guarantee does not apply to transfer students.

Can students outside the U.S. use your service?

While Go4Ivy's algorithms are not specifically designed for international applicants, students can get a ballpark idea of their chances of admission by using our service. Please note that the money back guarantee does not apply to international applicants.

How does your money back guarantee work?

Please see our Accuracy & Guarantee page for detailed information about the accuracy of our predictions and how our money-back guarantee works.

Can I get my chances of admission at colleges not listed on your website?

Yes, custom chances of admission calculations are available for colleges not currently listed on our website assuming that we can obtain enough data for an accurate calculation. An additional fee applies. Please contact us to request a custom chances of admission report.

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