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What Seniors Should Know About Getting In To Top Colleges

The most important thing you can do to maximize your chances of getting in to top colleges is to apply to a range of reach, likely and safety schools. This risk-minimizing approach is often touted by college counselors and advice books, but the difficulty in implementing it is knowing which of the colleges on your list are actually reach, likely and safety schools for you. After all, there are so many different factors that go into college admissions these days. Go4Ivy can help you make informed decisions about where to apply by calculating your chances of admission at your list of colleges.

Some of the advantages of knowing your chances of admission

  • Save time and money on visits and applications by focusing on colleges that you have the best chances of getting into
  • Clearly identify reach, likely and safety schools
  • Reduce anxiety by knowing if you are on track to get into your top choices
  • Quantitative analysis lacks biases and time restrictions of high school counselors

Find Out Your Chances of Admission Now...

Our Ivy League-educated experts combine our admissions expertise with advanced statistical analysis to calculate your percentage chances of admission at the colleges you're considering. See if you are on track to get into your top choices or if you should retest. Ensure that the list of colleges you're considering includes a range of reach, likely and safety schools.

Each chances of admission report includes:

  • Your personal percentage chances of admission based on 100+ variables and unique algorithms for each college.
  • Each college's overall admission rate to help put your chances in perspective.
  • One revision of test scores, class rank, and/or GPA for the colleges selected on original order.
  • Money back guarantee for incorrect predictions.

Chances of admission reports are priced by the number of colleges selected:

$9 per college


$45 for 7 colleges (includes 2 free!)

A free revision of test scores and/or GPA is included in the price of each report.

Providing your profile information takes about 10 minutes and your report will be available within seconds thanks to our powerful technology.

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