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Since its founding in 2001, Go4Ivy has helped high school students and parents identify reach, likely, and safety colleges and make more informed admissions decisions. Our complex and comprehensive algorithms calculate students’ percentage chances of admission with outstanding accuracy.

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Some of the feedback we have received:

Through personal experience with my daughter's college applications, I highly recommend as a very helpful aid to anyone applying to a competitively rated college. The nominal fees charged are a great bargain for any prospective college student.

— Peter Eliades, Parent, Petaluma, California is the most beneficial college website I have found.  It helped me to drastically refine my college search and determine where to apply.  I have recommended to all of my friends and would recommend it to anyone currently searching for the right college.

— James Love, Student, California

This service was SO helpful as I helped my son try to figure out where to apply. It gave him great confidence in some of his safety schools, and let him know he was in the ballpark on most of his others. I found it to be an invaluable tool as I've helped my kids navigate a very confusing process! I couldn't have done it without Go4College!

— W.S., Parent, Waterloo, IA

College Admissions Services has helped focus my son's attention to just a couple of schools in each category — reach, likely and safety. I think this will save us time and avoid unnecessary campus visits.

— Parent, Scarsdale, NY

Using is better than paying thousands of dollars for a private college counsleor. This is NOT a generic Internet site. I highly recommend it!

— M.B., Parent

About two months ago, I wrote to go4college asking about results my son received from your service. It said he had an 68% chance of getting into Princeton University. After being deferred, my son did get into Princeton University. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again, for taking the time to write to me. I will definitely spread the word about your service.

— E.B., Parent

I corresponded with you in June concerning my son’s chances of being admitted to Stanford or to another elite school. Your firm’s estimate for a positive decision from Stanford was 70%, while I thought it must be much less (in the 20%) range. Well, my son was admitted through Stanford’s early action program. Naturally, he is excited about the decision! So, it certainly looks like your estimate was spot on. By the way, he did use your estimates to decide where to apply early. Among the most elite schools, your estimate was highest for Stanford. So, to maximize his chance of being accepted by at least one of these schools, he used his early action choice on Stanford. Thank you for your assistance.

— Greg, Parent, Alaska

I just wanted to thank you for taking a load off of my mind. Yes, I was admitted to UC Berkeley and it is where I intent to attend.

— M.R., Student

My son is a sophomore and I think is a great way for us to explore the schools he is interested in applying to. Your email reply was very fast - same day service! I look forward to working with over the next few years.

— Leslie, Parent, Colorado

Applying for college can be a overwhelming task. Thank you for helping us focus our efforts. Everyone at was professional, efficient, and full of practical, helpful suggestions about the application process. I can hardly wait to report where my daughter Phoebe is accepted. Many Thanks!

— Sandra Petersen, Parent, Highland Park, IL

These results were spot on! I was accepted into American University with a substanital scholarship!

— Jordan Wells, Student, Michigan

The college application process, especially for the East Coast schools, was quite the learning experience for us. At the beginning, we had no idea that the selection process was so competitive. Your services and advice were quite helpful and enabled us to determine my daughter's realistic chances and to see if we were fishing in the right waters. I would certainly recommend your services to others.

— Don Faber, Parent, Madison, Wisconsin

With the breadth of admissions statistics and information available for each college, it can be difficult to determine wheather students are considering a solid range of colleges. I find's quick, inexpensive and accurate predictions extremely valuable in formulating admissions strategies for my clients.

— Amy Sack, College Counselor

College Admissions Services provided me with essential information about what I needed to know when applying to college. Choosing a college is a tough decision. I'm glad they were there to help.

— Maria A. Student, Parsippany, NJ

Our son managed to get accepted at 12 of 13 schools he applied to, all except Amherst which would have been a 50:50 reach but in fact go4college accurately predicted his slight chances, since he ended up not being recruited which would have dropped his odds considerably....Very worthwhile investment in planning a repertoire of schools. Better than Princeton Review which we were initially using which predicted reaches at most of the schools that your program gave solid support to. Happy to endorse your service to future parents/students.

— G.M., Parent, Fairfield, CA

Thank you. I have been looking for this type of [chances of admission] information. You can not get this from a college advisor at high school. You have been very helpful, I hope your business does well. I believe you have a niche in the market.

— Tim H., Parent, Brentwood, Tenneseee

[Applying to colleges] is an arduous process. The proliferation of information over the internet is, as with many things web, a double edged sword… but I'm very glad I found your web site.

— P. M., Hawthorn Woods, IL

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